A Life Changing Approach to Office Politics
Copyright © 1997, by Susan M. Osborn, Ph.D.
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The Web: White Water Rafting

This story concerns two people who go river rafting. The male character is an experienced rafter. The female character likes spontaneity and adventure. They meet through an electronic soccer network. There are eight guests. Two guides serve as navigators, trainers, facilitators, and reconnaissance experts.

Strengths drawn from "White Water Rafting":
Principles of self-management are used. Salaries and work schedules are set by the members of the system and employee benefits are self-selected. The business meetings are open to all. Customers participate in decision making and problem solving.
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At each point of the star is a story, signifying a given reality. Learn to incorporate strengths from each story and apply them to your community, business enterprise, or educational institute. Click on a point of the star to read an excerpt from the book.
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