A Life Changing Approach to Office Politics
Copyright © 1997, by Susan M. Osborn, Ph.D.
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The Arrow: Motocross

This story concerns a cross-country motorcycle contest open only to those who have qualified by accumulating a sufficient number of wins in previous races. All of the entrants are extremely experienced bikers, so the competition is fierce. Randy rides to win, no matter what the cost. Chris rides to develop his skill and to have fun.

Strengths drawn from "Motocross":
Members of this system are pragmatic, efficient, and financially astute. They generate sales strategies and devise new products. They appreciate the importance of steadily increasing their profits, maintaining a competitive edge, and gradually expanding the business.
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At each point of the star is a story, signifying a given reality. Learn to incorporate strengths from each story and apply them to your community, business enterprise, or educational institute. Click on a point of the star to read an excerpt from the book.
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