A Life Changing Approach to Office Politics
Copyright © 1997, by Susan M. Osborn, Ph.D.
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The Pyramid: King of the Mountain

This is a story about a king who is an Organizer. He brings order by making rules and issuing proclamations. The plot depicts a young man who assumes responsibility for killing an evil giant in order to save his village. After he slays the giant he agrees to marry the princess on the condition they become friends, first.

Strengths drawn from "King of the Mountain":
This system has an identifiable structure and is well organized. Members of this system prepare budgets, formulate policies, compile schedules, operate according to specific procedures, and keep records of all transactions. They acknowledge the importance of details, form, and order.
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At each point of the star is a story, signifying a given reality. Learn to incorporate strengths from each story and apply them to your community, business enterprise, or educational institute. Click on a point of the star to read an excerpt from the book.
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