A Life Changing Approach to Office Politics
Copyright © 1997, by Susan M. Osborn, Ph.D.
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" Susan Osborn packs a treasure of ideas, models, and stories into The System Made Me Do It! and shines a bright light on what most people never see."
--John E. Renesch, editor/publisher, The New Leaders newsletter

" A powerful and painless way to learn systems concepts. Must reading for anyone serious about personal and organizational growth."
--John Moran, President, Software Industry Coalition

" Osborn offers people looking for a more spiritually fulfilling worklife a new age analysis of the workings of organizations and a means of changing them by changing ourselves."
--Daniel S. Levine, editor, Disgruntled, The (online) Business Magazine for People Who Work for a Living (www.disgruntled.com)

" A powerful, in-depth, new systems guide to understanding and changing both business and personal environments, as well as one's life. I loved Sunny as the narrator and the gentle use of spirituality. A delight to gain such right-on, practical insights from an easy-to-read, beautifully organized book!"
--Sue B. Reamer, Ph.D., Board of Trustees, The Fielding Institute